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Welcome to space, Resurrect!

You’ve just been awakened in the twenty-third century. You’ve spent over 150 years in suspended animation after escaping the Restriction, an inexplicable phenomenon that blocked physical contact between the planet’s surface and orbit.


Following the Restriction, humanity took refuge in an artificial station erected within the solar system. It wasn’t long before that proved too confining, however, and humans struck out and began to colonize neighboring star systems. Various specialized corporations rose, eventually coalescing to form the Consortium, a proto-government that enforced standards of peaceful coexistence throughout the galaxy according to the dictates of its component corporations. Spacers with a more independent, adventurous zeal struck off for the distant lands of the Barnard Sector, looking for a place where they could live free from the ever-present gaze of the Consortium and its rules.

This worked, for a time. As humanity’s reach into the stars widened, the distance between the independent Barnard Sector and the Consortium controlled regions of the Center decreased. Dangerously divergent opinions of about life, economy, and government soon came into close proximity. Conflicts began to appear.


Two exploding black holes rocked the system of 61 Cygni, beginning a new phase of the conflict. Entire populated regions were devastated, with irreparable damage to infrastructure, energy, communications, and transportation. The Consortium immediately set up task forces to rebuild the system composed of three bid-winning corporations: Halitech Mining, Behemoth Heavy Industries, and Neoden Environments. They moved in swiftly, bringing Consortium resources, but also preaching Consortium ideals, which did not sit well with the locals who had come so far off the beaten path to avoid the restrictions of the Consortium. Barnardinos felt deprived of their rights as pioneers and began a movement to oppose the Consortium and boycott the corporate presence in 61 Cygni. Their actions, sometimes violent, sometimes not, quickly found them classified as terrorists.


The conflict came to a head when insurgents captured jump gates to various regions of 61 Cygni, a startlingly overt action in a war that consisted mostly of propaganda and small guerrilla skirmishes. The Renegade Uprising, led by the charistmatic Billy Bates, attracted thousands of pilots into the ranks of the resistance and completely changed the logistical landscape of 61 Cygni. The Consortium was put in a very difficult position. Regions previously occupied by Halitech Mining were suddenly under Renegade control. Behemoth Heavy Industries scrambled to shore up its defenses to prevent unauthorized entry and exit into regions it controlled. Neoeden environments, having no security forces to speak of and being primarily concerned with scientific study, beat a hasty retreat, leaving the rich fields of paleoartifacts they were studying entirely up for grabs. Locals, pirates, and smugglers swarmed in to pick up the pieces, clashing for economic dominance of the region. The theater of war was set.


The Consortium has mobilized, organizing the Stellar Patrol Coalition Forces to maintain order in 61 Cygni and continue its forward progress into the system. The strength of the Renegades continues to mount, and they swear not to rest until the independent territories have complete autonomy. Amidst all this, Ressurects such as yourself are awakened with alacrity by the organization known as the Hoplon Trust to fill the ranks of either side of the conflict. It’s time you made the most important decision of your confusing new life, Resurrect…which side to support.

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