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APB Fallen Earth

Promotion Details

Play WarMage Battlegrounds today and get your exclusive free GamersFirst Fire Chest! The GamersFirst Fire Chest contains the following items:

  • A Dragonkin Firemaster Battle Unit - This master of fire magic is capable of causing fire damage to foes near and far.
  • 5 Scrolls of the Fire Dragon - These consumable scrolls transform a targeted friendly squad into a squad of powerful Fire Dragons.
  • A Legendary Ring of Flame Artifact - The Legendary Ring of Flame has a chance each turn of giving a 50% Fire Magic boost and a 200% increase in Fire Magic damage against Demons. The Legendary Ring of Flame Artifact is only equipable in blue artifact slots.

To get these 7 items first open the in-game item store by clicking [store button], indicated by a chest icon attached to your character's picture, in the top left of the game screen. Once you have the store open, click the "Rewards" tab and redeem the "GamersFirst Fire Chest" item. After opening the chest, these items will be automatically placed in your inventory which can be accessed at anytime by clicking the [WarMage Information and Inventory] button also attached to your WarMage picture, in the top left of the game screen.

In addition to your exclusive free GamersFirst Fire Chest, all new WarMages start with a starter battle configuration that includes 5 Battle Units, 5 Spells, 4 Artifacts, and 16 Scrolls.


WarMage Battlegrounds is the ultimate turn-based tactical battle game, delivering a unique and innovative experience to fans of fantasy, turn-based tactics, strategy, and MOBA games. Influenced by Heroes of Might & Magic, D&D, Warhammer, Final Fantasy Tactics, Magic: The Gathering, and classic table-top games, WarMage Battlegrounds blends intense turn-based tactics with a deeply strategic battle preparation experience, and persistent character development. After creating a WarMage character, commander of mighty combat forces and wielder of powerful magic, you'll be just moments away from intense turn-based tactical battles across the world of Kator.

You won't find slow-placed city or army building in WarMage Battlegrounds. Gameplay is focused entirely on configuring unique combat forces from a vast collection of battle units, spells, artifacts, and scrolls and then vanquishing your enemies in battle. The mechanics in WarMage Battlegrounds deliver a more fast-paced and rewarding combat experience than is found in traditional turn-based strategy games. Battles are fought in detailed hex-tile environments designed to promote advanced tactical strategy. WarMage Battlegrounds offers a wide variety of PvP (player-versus-player) and PvE (player-versus-computer) game modes including assault, explore, defend, survival, ranked and casual PvP, cut-throat and more that can be played solo or cooperatively. WarMages accumulate wealth and prestige through PvP or PvE achievements, daily bounties, and loot dropped by defeating Evil and The Corrupted all across the world of Kator.

Players cannot buy victories or success in WarMage Battlegrounds. Superior knowledge, skill, tactics, team-work, and careful preparation always win. Play now, to get your exclusive free GamersFirst Fire Chest and join the fight for honor, glory, and prestige!


  • No download required - runs in any web browser
  • Strategic, turn-based tactical battles for up to 4 players
  • Innovative mechanics that deliver a brisk & intense experience wholly focused on combat rather than army/city building
  • Deeply strategic battle preparation gameplay similar to "deck building" in popular collectible card games, that enables players to create and save battle configurations from a vast collection of battle units, spells, artifacts, and scrolls
  • Massively social lobby with an interactive world map to browse content and a battle queue with matchmaking for finding suitable teammates and opponents
  • Wide variety of solo and cooperative PvE game modes including explore, defend, assault, and survival which can be played on 4 difficulty settings
  • Ranked and "casual" Unranked PvP competitive battle arenas
  • Unique Battle Point system used to balances opponents
  • Great in-game rewards from achievements , daily bounties, and loot drops
  • Easy-to-use social features (friends, clan, and group support)
  • NOT a "pay-to-win" game - skill, knowledge, battle tactics, teamwork and careful battle preparation always win
  • No annoying energy or cooldown mechanics that restrict gameplay for free players
  • Spectate mode - allows player to watch battles
  • Leaderboards to compare and compete on a variety of PvP and PvE stats
  • Monthly contests (coming soon)
  • Tournaments (coming soon)
  • Battle Unit Customization (coming soon)

System Requirements

Adobe Flash Player