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Create, Connect and Conquer
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Delivering what gamers want!

The GamersFirst Connect platform provides game developers with instant access to a growing community of over 28 million gamers in more than 160 countries, and a proven high performance technology that simplifies the task of creating and operating compelling online titles.

GamersFirst Connect is a proven game delivery platform that reduces the cost of player acquisition, decreases development risk, and diversifies revenue streams. Using this system, developers can focus all their energy on the critical task of making great games, without having to worry about the details of hte underlying platform.

GamersFirst Connect seamlessly lets the developer:
  • Connect to large MMORPGs
  • Connect AAA-quality FPS MMOs
  • Connect in-browser Flash MMOs
  • Connect casual Flash and Unity3D games
  • Connect mobile games to an online community
  • Take payments, sell items, and manage customers
  • Use built-in community and competition features
  • Rebroadcast data to social networking sites
  • Incorporate real time user behaviour analysis
GamersFirst Connect provides the following core functions:
  • Friends, profiles and avatars
  • Social networks integration (Facebook, Friendster, etc.)
  • Real-time multiplayer
  • Points, badges, and achievements
  • Brackets, ladders, leaderboards, sweepstakes, and prizes
  • Tournament, clan, player status,and guild tracking
  • Lobby functions and skill matching
  • Chat rooms, in-game mail system, virtual currencies and microtransactions

for more information contact: platform@reloadedinc.com